Comfort Teams

PALS Comfort Teams attend a 15 hour class with their own pet dogs. After PALS Team classes, evaluation and certification they can volunteer and serve the special needs of the community. PALS Comfort Teams help by providing much needed emotional support during or immediately after a crisis or traumatic time. Interacting with a PALS Team helps to lower blood pressure, stabilize heart rate thereby facilitating a more even emotional state to cope with the event.

Certified teams are dispatched to a variety of settings for:

  • Students/Schools

  • As Crisis Response and Recovery Team Members with Sonoma County Office of Education

  • Attend funerals when invited

  • Attend memorial services when invited

  • Home visitations when invited

  • Violent crime victims

  • Verity formally know as United Against Sexual Assault (UASA)

Comfort PALS Teams are required to:

  • Attend annual workshops

  • Pass a fingerprint/live scan background check

  • Participate in additional training around emergency personnel and equipment

  • Must attend PALS or Sonoma County Office of Education’s (SCOE) Crisis Response and Recovery trainings

 Frequently Asked Questions