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Dear PALS friends and colleagues,

Recently while mourning the sudden loss of Betsy Anderson's little grey dog, T2, and recounting all the funny mannerisms T2 brought to her work with children at schools and libraries, I felt that some memorial to T2's work with PALS would be appropriate.  Nancy Pierson suggested that funding the purchase of books for the PALS literacy programs would be useful.  Betsy said "books for kids--that's what we do!"It is so sad when our teams are broken by illness or death of one partner.  Putting some energy into PALS reading programs in memory of T2's joyful participation makes sense to me.  Nancy has agreed to accept donations and do purchasing of books. 

PALS, 7580 Covey Road, Forestville, 95436.  Tax deductible, of course.

We use the image of the Rainbow Bridge which our loved ones cross over when death removes them from us.  I like to think of T2 scampering up rainbow steps made of books and more books, piled across the sky.  I hope the Rainbow Bridge Memorial can be used to remember more PALS dogs and people when we have to say goodbye, someday.