Facility PALS

PALS Facility Teams assist professionals working with children with special needs in a variety of settings.

  • Professionals complete and submit a PALS Facility Dog application

  • The application is reviewed by PALS staff

  • If approved, a PALS staff member will conduct a phone interview

  • Home & workplace visits are scheduled

  • PALS staff member brings a potential facility dog to the visits

  • PALS staff member then writes a recommendation to accept or deny the applicant and facility

  • If accepted the candidate will attend Team Training culminating with graduation

  • Follow-up training as needed


puppy 180.jpg

PALS facility dog Daisy update:  

 "Daisy is working quite hard again this year.  I have a student that is doing amazingly well in math (strong A's all year and UNSTOPPABLE with focus and enthusiasm!!!!!) and has all D's and F's in her past.  Her other classes this year...not so well.  She is crazy about the dogs (including Grace).  Maybe 3 weeks ago, she informed me that she failed another test in Spanish.  My response was that she needs Daisy in Spanish.  Well, she ran with that idea and now takes Daisy to Spanish with her daily (her Spanish teacher happens to live across the street from me, so I keep a close handle on the situation).  Her last test, a C!!!!  Her Spanish teacher can't believe the difference.  Her mom can't believe the difference.  Brad, our Principal, wishes we had before and after videos as he's amazed and would like to show the transformation to others.  It turns out that the girl was on ADHD medication and went off of it in October as she didn't want to take it anymore.  Mom reluctantly went along with the idea.  Seems like Daisy is what she needs."   From Susan Gallegos